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Welcome to our website!

I am Réka Leskó, the proud owner of Akai sora kennel and two
beautiful Akitas. I have been dealing with dogs since 2011 but animals have been around me
since my childhood. I couldn’t live without them any longer. I have always treated them as
family members not only as animals. However, dogs are the closest to my heart.

I first met Japanese Akitas in 2011
when I immediately fell in love them. This love has been unstoppable since then. My first
Akita is Neji, a beautiful, intelligent, proud white dog primarily purchased as a family dog. She
will turn 10 years old in 2021. Neji used to be a playful and very stubborn ‘fluffy bear’ whose
trust was hard to win. However, when we managed to make friends, a life-long love started.
Thanks to Neji, I have fallen in such deep love with this wonderful and unique breed that I
started to become more and more interested in it. I read a lot about them. I was getting interestedin their breeding, history, the uniqueness of the ancestors and the breed itself. I wanted to know
everything in connection with them.
In 2018 I decided to take this breed more seriously. This idea bore its fruit: Natsumi, ‘The little
red bear’ with her nickname Natsu. For breeding purposes she arrived as a fantastic, playful, silly
and curious puppy with a very healthy nervous system. From a very early age we have been
immersed in the mysteries of dog shows. I’m extremely proud that being beginner dog show
goers we did really well in every event always doing our best.

In our kennel Akitas are not only dogs but also best friends and family members. We go on trips,
holidays and go for walks and swims together with them. Honestly, we are never bored.
We take special care of the socialization of our puppies that is really important for Akitas.
Puppies – when they turn ten weeks old – are taken to their new, loving families with
vaccination certificate, health warranty, registration and deworming certificate.
The purpose of our kennel is to raise trainable, intelligent and breed standard dogs with healthy
nervous system. Moreover, we aim to raise family/hobby dogs and show dogs alike.