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Akita inu

Origins of  Akita Inu dates back to the 17th century. It was named after the Japanese prefecture, Akita, situated in Honshu island. At first Akita was commonly known as the companion of the Japanese emperors. Therefore, it was later referred to as ‘the royal dog’.  Thanks to their body structure and courage they became ferocious hunters. They hunted down boars, moose and even bears. In their homeland, Japan, they developed a cult and became the dogs of the nation. Samurai fighters gained confidence from them to prepare for their upcoming fights.  

The average height of females is 61 cm (2 feet), while the height of males is 67 cm (2 feet 2 inches), 3cm (1,2 inches) difference is accepted. The weight of females is 30-35 kilograms (75-77 pounds), males weigh about 35-40 kilograms (77-80 pounds).

Although The Akita is able to bark, they do it rarely. If they have any sounds, something special must happen. They often welcome their owners with a long whimpering sound (‘vuf’ sound that is similar to the howling of wolves).

Despite their physical appearance they are an excellent guardian with a calm temperament. They protect their homes and family members at all costs and they are known to be fearless. Their ears are their special feature: small, sharp, upright and triangular, set wide at head.

Their fur is quite coarse and thick. They shed twice or 3 times per year, which can cause problems if they are kept inside the flat. Their coat is clean and shiny, its patterns can be clearly seen. Because of their powerful character they must be trained and disciplied from an early age, thus they can become trainable dogs. The trainer of the akita must be the owner: this breed is not suitable for being taken to a residential dog training. It is a stubborn breed: they are a good match for a confident and consistent owner for whom it is no problem if the dog reconsiders his/her commands again and again.

As the little pet of the family they tend to become sassy and handle other dogs agressively. Nevertheless, if we are patient and understanding, we can get into a really good contact with them and they will give love and loyalty in return.  

The Akita is commonly aloof with strangers. They behave in a quite reserved and alert way with them. They are not so friendly with other dogs either. However, they tend to show dominant behaviour towards dogs with the same gender. Due to their hunting instincts you need to get your dog accustomed to cats or other pets. If this happens, they get on quite well. Usually they are friendly and lovingly protective with kids, however, they never make real playmates.

Body weight: 35-40 kilograms
Litter size: 6-8 puppies
Life span: 12-15 years
Behaviour: calm, obedient, loyal and docile

Origin: Japan
Original name: Akita Inu
English name: Akita

Differences between The American Akita and The Japanese Akita