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Are Akitas good with children?

In many families the question arises as to buy an Akita for their kindergarten aged or school aged child. Is it recommended or not, as it is both a guard dog and a hunting dog?

Basically, the Akita is not a family dog that is easy to handle and that obeys everybody unconditionally. It is a samurai dog that requires consistent ‘parenting’ t from an early age. Moreover, he needs an Alpha whose commands he cannot doubt. So it is not recommended at all to let your kid ‘parent’ the dog alone.

It is important to lean on parents’ help and steadiness and not to allow the kids to train the pup. In addition, dog kindergarten and dog school are highly recommended because of socialization. In case there is a hard-handed owner in the family whom the dog obeys, who makes him keep the rules and provides the dog with appropriate exercise routine, food and grooming, then children in the family are no object.

Despite the fact that Akita is a loyal, one-person dog, they also show affection to the whole family. They protect all family members loyally and happily, play with both young and old. A well socialized dog with a good nervous system doesn’t pose a threat on any family member whether it be a very young child or an elderly. A well-trained dog can find out how to behave correctly in any situation. 

Of course you can involve your children in the pet related chores, thus they can learn responsibility. What’s more, it has social, mental and health care benefits as well.

It is advantageous for the family to have experience with dogs, because this breed is not highly recommended as a first dog. However, this is not set in stone. Also, a beginner can become a great owner of an Akita after some self-training and collecting enough information. On the other hand, before the purchase you need to be aware that it is not a ‘backyard decor’ that satisfies all your wishes. This breed requires hard work and a lot of time to live a balanced and happy dog life. Once you have ‘tamed’ them, they will be inseparable from their beloved one, so it is worth investing energy and efforts into them.

Regarding the pick of the pup you should let the breeder know about your requirements. It is worthwhile to choose a puppy that has already met children and showed interest. Every puppy is a unique individual. Some of them can make great pets for a kid thanks to their  gentle temperament. Whereas, there are dominant ones that are not really recommended for this purpose. You should always ask for the breeder’s opinion, take puppy tests and take your children to the visits.