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Certification of registration

Many people think that the certificate of registration is only a sheet of paper which can just raise the price of the puppy. In fact, the certificate is much more important. First of all, it proves that the dog is really purebred. It also claims that the parents satisfy the conditions of breeding. Last but not least, it proves that the dog fully represents its breed regarding its appearance and traits.

It can happen that certain ‘breeders’ want to convince you that the certificate of registration – and all that it means – is useless and expensive, that’s why their dogs do not have ones. However, it is not true. Although, the certificate is only 6000 Ft (15-17 euros), to be able to get it the breeder needs to meet a lot of requirements (medical checkups and screenings, dog shows, test breeding etc.).

Certificate of registration is like your birth certificate. The breeder lends his name to his dogs, so the relationship of the breeder and the puppy is easily traceable. A ‘puppy mill’ breeder (commercial breeding facility) who doesn’t give a certificate of registration can disappear easily because there is no authentic connection with the puppy.