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Dog show titles and abbreviations

Very promising: Winner of Baby and Puppy Class

HPJ: Hungária Príma Junior (literally translates as: Hungarian Prime Junior), Winner of Junior Class, young male or female canines can be awarded.

CAC: Designation for Hungarian Championship (HCH), Class winners of international shows can receive this title with the exception of baby, puppy and junior classes.  

R.CAC: Reserve CAC, above mentioned classes, 2nd place

CACIB: Designation for International Championship (ICH), Class winners of international shows can earn this title, from junior class on, both males and femles can be awarded.

R.CACIB: Reserve CACIB, class winners  of CACIB and R.CAC can earn this title, both males and females can be awarded.

HFGY: Hungária Fajta Gyõztes (Hungarian Best of Breed), from junior class on, class winners are compared (BOB: Best Of Breed).

BOG: Best of Group, best of breed within the breed group is awarded.

R.BOG: Reserve Best of Group, 2nd place of the above listed competitor.

BIS: Best In Show, best of all 10 breed groups is selected.

R.BIS: Reserve Best In Show, Best of breed, 2nd place

JKLGY: Junior Klub Győztes (literally translates as: ‘Junior Club Winner’), winner of junior class at a club show.

KLGY: Klub Győztes (literally: ‘Club Winner’), class winners are selected at a club show.

HDGY: Hungária Derby Győztes (literally translates as: ‘Hungarian Derby Winner’), an event for dogs born in the year before the show, a dog can earn this title only once.

Ch of Ch: Champion of Champions, only a dog with champion certificate is allowed to participate.