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How to choose?

Everyone has already had a flatmate, a workplace or a car, however, you can change your flatmate, you can sell your car and nowadays you might not recognise your very first white hairs at your first workplace. You can move on quickly and continue your life as if nothing had happened…

…When a puppy is picked either responsibly or irresponsibly, it will determine the next 10-15 years of a RESPONSIBLE owner. It is a long time, how would you like to spend it? …

Your lifestyle

First of all, you should evaluate yourself.  Do you live in a detached house with a garden or in a flat? Do you live an active life or you are rather a comfortable type of person? How much time will you have for the dog? Believe me, these are really essential questions that are worth answering honestly. By finding your answers you can figure out which breeds match your personality.

Dog breed

If you visualise yourself as you run with your doggy in the nearby forest every morning, then in vain you admire the unique beauty of  a French Bulldog. This breed ca’t be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you can imagine that you are sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of fine wine and a good book in your hand while your little pet is taking a nap next to you, then an alert and energetic Belgian shepherd might not be the right option.

Your dog keeping goals

It is important to define for what purpose you would like to have a puppy. Do you want one as a companion, as a family dog or for your child, or you would like to get a taste of the real life of dog keepers? Do you feel like trying dog related sports or visiting dog shows? Are you thinking about starting to breed dogs?

It matters what your main ambition is because for all of these activities you need a pup with different characteristics. It is rare that a dog is talented in everything as they are similar to us humans. All of them are unique with their own characteristics.

Male or female?

If you are over the above mentioned issues you have to answer only this question before the decision. Females are usually calmer and affectionate while males are more strong-willed and are continuously in love. Or vice versa. A dominant female can also become stubborn and willful, as well as a stubborn and defiant male. With spaying (if you wouldn’t like to breed you can avoid a lot of problems and illnesses) you can eliminate the problem of an escaping dog or a female always in heat, so you shouldn’t decide on the basis of gender.  

All in all, it is true that females are nicer and males are more independent and they can make do with less care. However, it is breed and individual dependant. Males are stronger and bigger while females are gentler and more elegant. You can choose any of them, the point is always the harmony between you and your future puppy. Preferably, you should choose a dog whose traits and temperament match your personality.

If you have taken the first 4 steps and you know what breed and gender you would like to have, that’s half the battle. In case you desire to have full success then there are 4 big steps left:

How to choose the puppy and the breeder?

It is worth searching for the right puppy on a website where you can find all the necessary information about the puppies and the breeder alike. This way you can save some time of searching and frustration. Such site is e.g. where all the information about the puppy, the ancestors and the breeder is available to be able to find your new family member.  To choose your future pup, general advertising pages where anybody can upload almost anything are less responsible (e.g. Jófogás). If you really want a beautiful and healthy purebred puppy, you should prefer websites exclusively dealing with dogs.

To have peaceful and happy years with your pet you should check if your puppy has vaccinations, dewormings, chip, vaccination certificate and certificate of registration. Collect all the information about the ancestors (health screenings and dog show results )!

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The more you get to know the ancestors the easier you can decide if the dog is a good fit for you.

Call the breeder of the chosen pup and if it is possible make an appointment to meet the breeder and his/her dogs in person.

If you take one step at a time, rest assured that your life will not be the same.

Never mind and never forget that you can live without dogs bit it does no good.

To choose the right puppy the following link will help you: Volhard puppy test

If any questions arise please feel free to contact me.