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Keeping a dog is expensive regardless of whether you buy it or adopt it from a shelter.  All in all, if you want a really nice and healthy dog with great characteristics, don’t save money on the price, it is only a one-time expense. Think it over, because although you may find puppies at a lower price, it might result in very expensive medical bills in the future.

There is a wide range of prices of registered and purebred dogs. It can depend on the bloodline, on the results of dog shows and the health screenings of the parents. Moreover, it is important what chances the breeder can see concerning the dog’s show career. On the other hand, a puppy at a more favourable price and from a renowned kennel isn’t worth less. Don’t make judgements about the dogs or the breeder simply based on the price.  If the breeder is found to be reputable, it can happen that he/she will give you a favourable price for a dog that is not considered to be a future show dog but can become a great family dog. Minor issues that are invisible for the incompetent eyes can lead to the decision.
Prices are not the same even within a country and there can be considerable differences within the same breed.

Responsible breeding requires money, time and energy to take care of the dogs and litters. In addition, appropriate diet, regular veterinary checkups and health screenings are needed to keep the puppies healthy.

The breeder spends much time and energy on his dogs. Also, he works at night, if it is necessary to have beautiful, happy and balanced dogs to live togehter for many years with.  We firmly believe that the end result is similarly important for you, too.