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QuickBooks ProAdvisor: Roles, Benefits, and Certification Process

quickbooks proadvisor

The average salary of a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor is around $60,000 per year. However, the salary can vary depending on the job location, industry, and level of experience. Certified ProAdvisors can work as bookkeepers, accountants, or consultants. The QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Certification Exam consists of 55 multiple-choice questions. The exam is timed, so you need to manage your time effectively to ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions.

quickbooks proadvisor

A QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor is an accounting professional that aren’t necessarily CPAs, but they may be general small business advisors or accountants. They are experts in both QuickBooks procedures and accounting theory. With these individuals, the training process is more rigorous and was developed by Intuit (company that developed QuickBooks). In order to be certified, they’ve completed multiple courses and passed a series of tests.

QuickBooks Software Discount and Implementation

When you have a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor on your team, you have someone that is well-versed in accounting and bookkeeping services. They can simply act as an outsourced accounting department for your small and/or medium-sized businesses. When you’re quickbooks proadvisor a business owner, your finances are critical for survival. Being an entrepreneur or a new small business owner typically means that you are the bookkeeper for some time. You don’t want to mess around and just hire the cheapest person you can find.

  • After you have completed the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification, you unlock other certifications, including a QuickBooks Online Advanced certification and a QuickBooks Online Payroll certification.
  • I am glad to have their support for my business and hope it continues for a very long time.
  • However, you can become a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in as little as two weeks if you commit just one or two hours each day to the training program that is of hours.

So much so that they can almost be seen as an outsourced accounting service, which is normally quite costly. However, the expertise and product specific know-how that you need to keep your accounting software running efficiently is exclusive to certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. QuickBooks is a powerful and complex program with a vast array of features and functionalities. But, to truly understand the full capabilities, you need an in-depth understanding of the program to meet your business’s unique accounting needs.

How to Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

This certification can also be depicted on a resume and LinkedIn for current or future employers. By now, you should be familiar with the basics of QuickBooks certifications. You would’ve also learned about the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification and what it takes to be a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. There are several advantages to being a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, which we have discussed in this article. A QuickBooks ProAdvisor helps maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot QuickBooks functions. They fix accounts management concerns and help track a business’s cash flow and revenue.